Angelic Intervention

It’s time for some Divine Intervention! Do you ever stop and think you could use a miracle at that moment or have ever wished someone from sky would swoop in and save the situation? The thing is both scenarios are more possibile than one might think. Maybe not as dramatically as in the movies but on a more subtle yet still effective manner. Angels are real and willing to work with every single person who calls upon them. Modern day miracles and angelic interventions that are experienced by  people are chronicled in numerous books by best-selling authors. While some people experience miracle recoveries from physical conditions others write their experiences with finding jobs, manifesting homes, and relationships, all with angelic assistance.

This kind of Divine Interventions are available to everyone who’s open to them but angelic communication is a two-way street. There are many who reach out to angels yet not able to recognize their messages or unsure of the guidance they receive. In this non-denominational day workshop Birkan will be teaching you how to connect with the angels and fine-tune your intuition to their energy so you can experience a clearer communication with your angels. You’ll be also guided through clearing meditations and be introduced to your guardian angels and Archangels.

This class is suitable both for people who are familiar with the angels and just want to deepen their connection to them and those who are just meeting with the angels.

During the class Birkan will be also giving angel readings to students. We hope to create a healing environment for the attendants as well and will be doing some group healing as well.

You will also learn how to work with the healing of energy of Archangel Raphael, psychic self-defense with Archangel Michael and fine tune your intuition with the help of Archangel Haniel.

”  Dear Angel Friends,

Working with the Angels changed my life beyond my wildest dreams and their ongoing support continues to brighten my day and help me overcome any challenges that might come up. Teaching about the angels and how to connect with them is my favorite subject. I’m looking forward to this experience and meeting you all in person.  If you’d like to read more accounts of angelic interventions I’d highly recommend the books ”The Healing Miracles of Archangel Raphael” and ”The Miracles of Archangel Michael” both written by Doreen Virtue.



Date : June 8th  10:00am – 4:30pm

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel Scandinavia - Södra Hamngatan 59, 401 24 Göteborg, Sweden

The class is currently sold out but if you would like to be added to the standby list please send and email to Rachel at We thank you for your interest.

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