Atlantean Healing Meditation CD

Always wanted to visit Atlantis? Here’s your chance! Atlantean Healing Meditation takes you to a healing temple in the Golden Atlantis where you will meet with Archangels and Ascended Masters and have the opportunity to ask your most pressing questions. It has been channeled to help you re-connect and work with these powerful light beings and healing energies of Atlantis in the privacy of your own home. The meditation has several segments which will help you experience relaxation and healing on various levels. The segments are focused on:

  • Forgiveness,
  • Healing the inner-child
  • Clearing negativity
  • Cutting cords
  • Receiving messages from the Ascended Masters and the Archangels.

The meditation takes approximately 40 minutes and you can repeat it as often as you feel guided to, working/focusing on different issues each time.

Price: 15 Euros including the sending cost. You can use the paypal button below to put in your order. If you need to do a bank transfer please e-mail

Currently all of our CD’s are sold out. They’ll be available again starting on the 15th of March! Thank you so much for your interest!